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Create Your First APIs.json File

This is a form to walk you through building your first APIs.json file index for your API, providing machine readable access to your API, as and the supporting platform operations. Just fill out the fields below, and click on the "Generate My APIs.json" button to generate the APIs.json.

Once done, you can copy / paste the APIs.json file and publish into the root of your website, and developer portal. This allows search engines like APIs.io index your API, while still allowing you to control what goes into each APIs index, including documentation, pricing, terms of service, an dother critical aspecs of API operations.

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This application runs as a micro tool, which operates 100% client-side, running completely on a Jekyll website, hosted using Github, and Github pages. Visit the about page for more information, if you'd like to support this work feel free to invest and done. If you have any issues, or would like to leave a comment, you can do so via the project's Github repository.